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Community Project

Project Name

Collective Imagination: Inventory and Collection Management

1. Project Description Managing relationships of objects, attriubtes and processes

2. Why did you select this particular project? I'm interested to explore the applicability of Semantic Web technologies in applications previously

3. Why do you think this project will have a wide impact?

4. Can your project be easily integrated with other wide-spread systems? If so, which and how?

5. Why is it that this project should be done right now, i.e. why should people prioritise this ahead of other projects?

6. What can you contribute to the project?

7. What contribution would you need from others?

8. What standardisation should the Semantic Web community at large undertake to support the project?

9. How does your project encourage others not currently involved with Semantic Web technologies to get involved (by providing data or make a coding commitment)?

10. What would be the main benefit of using Semantic Web technologies to achieve the goals of the project, compared to other technologies?


If you like this project, please write your name below and indicate what contribution you can make to the project.