Co-constraint Use Cases

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This page points to various use cases for Co-occurrence constraints. Many were originally collected by Henry Thompson from public lists in February 2003; others were contributed by Fabio Vitali in February 2006 (W3C member-only links), in support of a discussion of possible support for co-constraints in XML Schema 1.1.

To add a use case, use the template for co-constraint use cases ([Co-constraintUseCaseTemplate]).

In principle, all pages in the category should be listed here, but you might want to check the category list just in case.

Quotations in the use case descriptions are from the email given as source; some typographic and other irregularities have been silently corrected.

High priority

N.B. the priority grouping given here is a rough-and-ready partition made during the XML Schema WG call of 31 March 2006; it is subject to change.

Other priority

The bracketed numbers in the list above are the numbers given to these use cases in some earlier discussions in the XML Schema WG. Note that some items in the numbered list are replicated so as to align with this earlier numbering scheme.