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The MobiWebApp Camp, organized by W3C, is held at the upcoming during 20th International World Wide Web Conference in Hyderabad (India), on Thursday 31 March 2011. See W3C Track @ WWW2011 for a more detailed agenda.

The event will feature a mix of structured content (talks, demos, lightning talks, etc.) and unstructured content. Topics of discussion for the two afternoon sessions will be selected at the camp during the morning session. This Wiki page is intended to collect suggestions in advance and to record the discussions that will be held on site.

If you're willing to lead a discussion, please add your name to a topic below. Thx !

Suggested topics of discussion

MobiWebApp camp participants listed the following topics of discussion:

  • Security and the mobile Web and what it implies
  • Privacy
  • Technologies available in terms of mobile devices
  • Internationalization issues with a fous on Indian languages
  • User experience
  • Video and codecs
  • Fonts and rendering
  • Performance for applicationsm such as animations
  • Adapting content for the mobile devices
  • natve vs web apps - how do they differ and how to reduce
  • WAC impact in India
  • Styling browsers widgets
  • Animated images (CSS, SV and SMIL animations)

Lightning Talks (LTs)

Anything from announcements, controversial statements, project proposals, observations, short demos, etc. is great material for a lightning talk.

LT format = one slide (optional) and three minutes time (sharp).

Suggested procedure: add your talk/topic, here or let Dominique and/or François know at least a bit before the session (just to keep track of how many people are interested).

  • Indian language applications - what you should know, by Vijay Narayanan-Saroja
  • LT2
  • [canceled] National Vision on Mobile Web in India, by Dr. C. Murali Krishna Kumar (Commission-Govt. of India)

Who's coming?

  • Marie-Claire Forgue (W3C)
  • François Daoust (W3C)
  • Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (W3C)
  • (ADD your name here...)