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Chair: Kingsley Idehen

Date: January 13, 2009 6pm

Venue: Star Conference Room, 4th floor, Stata Center, MIT; and the R&D pub.

Address: 32 Vassar Street. Cambridge, MA

Map Links: Google Map

We will meet up and see some demos in the 'Star' conference room, and after an hour or so retire to the pub on the same floor for even less formal discussion.

Demos / Presentations

  • Thomas Tague, Open Calais Evangelist, Thomson Reuters

Registration List

  • Susie Stephens
  • Fran Sansalone
  • Valeska O'Leary
  • Thomas Tague
  • Kingsley Idehen
  • Rob Frost
  • Michael Belanger
  • Doug Burke
  • David Provost
  • David Eddy
  • Ted Thibodeau Jr
  • glenn mcdonald
  • Glen Daniels

Additional Info For Attendees

See: Meetup Page

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