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TimBernersLee Chaired the first Cambridge Semantic Web Gathering.

He sent an invitation to chat about the SemanticWeb at MIT in Cambridge, MA USA on 22 Jan 2007.

Benjamin Grosof unofficially scribed for the meeting.

(Disclaimer: this, despite best efforts, surely contains many errors and some omissions. sp? and ? indicate uncertainty; indicates missed the name.)


  • TimBL esp'ly int'd in getting SW deployed
  • ITA s/w guy (? Mark Narabakian)
  • Lee Feigenbaum of IBM -- cochair DAWG/SPARQL
  • Wing Yung of IBM -- bringing SW to enterprise
  • Ben Szekeley of IBM
  • Sean Martin of IBM
  • Benjamin Grosof of MIT Sloan, professor of IT there -- rules, with ontologies, for various application areas incl. e-commerce/e-contracts, security, financial services, health; exploring new areas such as social networking and personal communications
  • Frank Manola, int'd in combo w/ DB
  • Liam O Morain of DERI, biz dev
  •  ? Plotkin, wks with Ben Hyde at MIT (on practical infra kinds of stuff)
  • Ben Perry, does _
  • Bob Rudin, grad stud in TPP, int'd in e- med records
  • Julia Kozlovsky of AstraZeneca text mining
  • Elgar Pichler of AstraZeneca
  • Lisa Lewis, former M IT IS staff
  • Noah Mendelsson of IBM, look at where IBM wants to go, is on W3C TAG and ~SW steering comm, thinks about RDF delta wrt XML/reln DB
  •  ? of W3 France team
  • FrancoisProulx, iFIND Software Architect at SENSEable City Lab (MIT), B.Eng. IT Engineering student in Montreal, Canada.
  • Jeff Arazdi (sp?) of staff on foreign lang's?
  • Michael Belanger of Jarg -- fuzzy search
  •  ? grad stud on social s/w Webicity -- new framewk for urban studies and planning, community wireless
  • Samir Batla of Siderean (approx. name), former Cerebra, now based in RI; OWL and integr
  • Mike DiLascio, Siderean
  • Kevin Richard of Northrop Grumman
  • Kingsley Idehen of [[OpenLinkSoftware|OpenLink] Software]
  • Susie Stephens of Oracle
  • Melli Annamalai of Oracle DB grp on RDF, how to help cust's get started; also multi-media grp
  • Ben Adida, postdoc at Harvard on crypto security, for W3 on RDFA for RDF in HTML
  • David Sheets, student works for TimBL
  • Dominique ? W3 France, on various incl GRDDL
  • Charles Neville of Opera S/W, formerly W3 on SW stuff
  • Gil Atrovitz? prof at Harv Med Sch, int'd in onto, bedside
  • June Kinoshita, exec ed of Alzheimer Research Forum, sci ed and venture philanth bkg - (SWAN is) int'd in dev'ing an onto for scientific discourse
  • Elizabeth Wu also of that org, med lib bkg
  • Paolo Ciccarese, SWAN project
  • Walter Perry of fin co (fiduciary?) in NY
  • Ivan Herman, W3C SW Activity lead
  • Guus Schreiber, now wking on SW Deployment, museum app's, prof in Neth
  • Davide Zaccagnini of a co wking on onto for health care incl. EMR,
  • Fabien Gandon of INRIA, on KM
  • Kjetil Kjernsmo of Opera S/W of Norway -- social s/w, blogging, content labeling
  • Phil Archer of content labeling to protect children, int'd in using SW
  • Michael Smith W3 Tokyo on mobile
  • Steve Williams of HPTi govt consulting, int'd in temporal via RDF and DB
  • Gail Mitchell of BBN


  • Meeting included:

o organizing future SemanticWebGatherings (notes below) o a couple of quick demo presentations (notes below) o networking time -- unstructured, informal, milling about

  • concept of agenda: *Cambridge (MA) focus* as a basis for org'ing interactions about Semantic Web, as an interest group, under hosting of W3C
  • Mutual introductions of people attending: (see separate companion file)
  • TimBL asked at beginning whether it was OK to disclose publicly
   the participants (and their photos), 
   none of them had any objection to doing so 
  • goal:
  • is there interest in having regular mtgs

- vote: yes

  • vote: evenings preferred, incl. partly since parking is avail much more easily
  • please spread the word to colleagues etc.
  • could have a queue of people who want to present

- a sugg: podcast presentations

  • NB: there already exists a SWIG IRC channel, mostly dev'ers
  • how to conn to SW Educ and Outreach IG -- maybe should sponsor it
  • TimBL: value of it would be to cross the boundaries
  • Benjamin: let's get the venture guys in, e.g., as sponsors,
  e.g., sponsor the food, as networking event(s) 
  • vote: permit alcohol
  • TimBL: maybe have CEO/CTO-y forum events
  • share problems, onto / data sharing experience
  • offers of hosting

- there's a pub right in Stata on 4th/5th floors, when it's not IAP - unlikely to have possib downside of bar of too much noise

  • Benjamin: possib locations at Sloan: in E51;
  • TimbL: ... or in Faculty Club
  • wrt format:

- networking event for half, i.e., an hour - quick updates / group discussion / other presentations for an hour

  • perhaps sel'd by a moderator
  • can have guided discussions too

- Ben Szekeley: have some small breakout groups

  • volunteers for sometimes moderating:

- TimBL - Susie Stephens - Benjamin Grosof

  • vote: frequency: once a month, with consistent timing
  • vote: 2nd Tues. of month, 6-8pm as tent time for mtgs
  • have a wiki

- see -- the general W3C SW wiki - with topics that people want to talk about

  • wrt having a list of participants

- Amy van der Hiel, TimBL's asst, is maint'ing

  • get new folks to email


o Guus Schreiber gave a demo of his cultural heritage / museum stuff

e.g., looking at a painting, link on the author (Klimt) or material (gold)

get to other works by same author/painter, or that use that same material

find artists who work in the same style or period

find paintings/works that depict a place in Paris

30 million triples

most of the effort is in the scaleability, more than ontol engineering

o Ben Adida gave a demo of RDFA, can do copying to clipboard and compare and then can paste to Excel