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Info about RDF-related tools in the C# programming language. Feel free to add further such links (in alphabetic order by tool name please) and brief descriptions. If you've more details thoughts and suggestions, add them to the foot of the page. Thanks!

-- DanBri - 25 Jan 2003

Are there any C# RDF Tools out there?

  • Drive - builds an RDF graph with labelled edges from an RDF document.
  • RDF.NET - a framework capable of parsing and processing RDF models for Microsoft's new .NET platform(C# lib)
  • Redland C# interface getting rather more polished using native C# metaphors (2005-01)
  • ROWLEX library and toolkit is built to create and browse RDF documents easily in .NET. It abstracts away the level of RDF triples and elevates the level of the programming work to (OWL) classes and properties.
  • SemWeb - supports reading/writing RDF/XML, N3; storage in memory/MySQL/Sqlite; SPARQL
  • Is there an XSLT in C#, so we can use the XSLT RDF parsers?

Other Notes...

Links to MS and DotGNU etc sites would be useful here...

Redland and Raptor (Dave Beckett's C RDF API, storage, parser etc) uses SWIG to create interfaces (but not for C#).

[ http://www.dotgnu.info/pipermail/developers/2002-December/009038.html [More discussion]] (mail message from MikeDupont).

See the DOTGNU Wiki for these terms :

http://wiki.dotgnu.org/GnuDotRdf http://wiki.dotgnu.org/TaskCreatingRdfApi