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1. Introduction

In order to foster progress in RDF database query performance and functionality, the LOD2 consortium – a EU FP7 project dedicated to supporting Linked Open Data (LOD) technology -- is undertaking efforts in benchmark development and support.

In corresponding to that purpose, LOD2 Benchmark council is founded aiming at defining benchmark rules for RDF/SPARQL, providing auditing services, coorporating with vendors in developing benchmarks and getting offical approval stamp from LOD2 for benchmark results.

2. RDF Benchmarks

These following RDF/SPARQL benchmarks are being considered in LOD2.

Berlin SPARQL Benchmark (BSBM)

A benchmark suite which is developed by people at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany building around an e-commerce use case.


A RDF version of TPC-H which is developed by people at Openlink

Social Intelligence Benchmark (SIB)

A benchmark suite developed by people at CWI and Openlink taking the schema from Social Networks for generating test areas where RDF/SPARQL can truly excel, and challenging query processing over highly connected graph.

3. Members


- Openlink

All the vendors are welcome to join and co-operate for developing RDF/SPARQL benchmarks as well as suggesting modifications of benchmark auditing rules.