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Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)

Email: MailTo(

I'm a free lance. I call myself a technical communicator. I code, but do not call myself a programmer.

My military experience in the early 70s gave me a strong impulse do to pro bono IT "for the good of all sentient beings". (The international projection of military power is a corrupt shell-game; I feel guilty for having enabling that project.) I've tried to pitch in on several open source projects (Moz and Indymedia, most notably) and most recently have been pressing to roll out what I consider a substantial contribution to the armoury of civil society, viz.: my "Participatory Deliberation" (New: "Ground Zero")

This current project consummes me completely. I have set aside even music.

An inchoate presentation of my various projects can be found on my constantly alpha homepage.