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Audio Working Group

The W3C Audio WG is chartered to develop specifications which define a client-side script API adding more advanced audio capabilities than are currently offered by audio elements. The API will support the features required by advanced interactive applications including the ability to process and synthesize audio streams directly in script.

The HTML5 specification introduces the <audio> and <video> media elements, including an API to play back prerecorded audio and video files and to get limited information about the media, such as duration. The Audio Working Group will build upon and expand that basic functionality. W3C has a

Web Real-Time Communications Working Group

The Web Real-Time Communications WG is chartered to define client-side APIs to enable audio and video communications in Web browsers.

Other Activity

Various W3C specifications, including HTML5, SVG Tiny 1.2, and SMIL, define <audio> and <video> media elements which define how to integrate audio into Web resources. However, none of these specifications provide a way to programatically access or create raw audio data, which could dramatically enhance the way we integrate media on the Web.

We have launched an Audio Incubator Group, which is open to public participation. For more details, see the Audio XG wiki.