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Relevant specs:


  • document which use cases fall under this foundation
  • define a prioritization framework for these various use cases
  • evaluate how much of these use cases are currently achievable with existing techs
  • for use cases that are not achievable (or in unsatisfactory ways), determine which technologies are needed
  • among those that are needed and in progress, determine how to accelerate their development
  • among those that are needed and not in progress, determine how to get them started
  • compare Web capabilities to native platforms
  • ensure consistencies of separately-developed specs

Potential milestones

  • Feb 15: identify sources of use cases not yet involved in W3C
  • Feb 15: gather links to existing use case documents (Web & TV, WebRTC / RTCWeb, 2nd Screen, MediaScape)
  • Feb 28: proposed framework for prioritizing use cases
  • March 15: List of prioritized use cases
  • March 15: Review of capabilities of native platforms in this space
  • March 15: Map of use cases to Web technologies
  • April 15: Proposed prioritization of actions for staff / WG with suggestions for additional resources investment
  • April 24: Report for progress on application foundation due for AC meeting
  • May 5: AC meeting starts