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My interest in the Semantic Web originated from high-throughput data analysis (microarray), and from the necessity of a representation of a-priori knowledge to functionally characterize experimental observations. I have mostly focused at first on BioPAX, in order to develop scoring functions that could take into account information on the topology of pathways, and on the role of the participating elements.

I am currently a Research Scientist at Rothamsted Research, focusing on data integration.

I am working in a variety of projects related to the application of Semantic Web technologies to the Life Sciences, including:

Ondex, a data-integration and analysis software which is based on a graph data structure.

RDFScape a Cytoscape plugin to query, visualize and analyse RDF data in the context of experimental observations.

Beat a tool to automate routine operations on ontologies and RDF files.

phibase a host-parasite interaction database that we want to expose on the Semantic Web. a web portal for Dendritic Cell research in Europe, where we have tried to annotate research expertise in the field with ontologies, and to expose its content in RDF.


I also co-organize the series of workshops SWAT4LS (Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences).

My original presentation on the HCLS mailing list: original introduction