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People attending AC 2014 are invited to note topics for discussion at the AC meeting. In particular, we welcome seed topics for the unconference breakout sessions on 10 June; see the agenda for more information.

Suggested unconferenced sessions

Security landscape in W3C and what's coming next

    • session proposer Viginie Galindo (gemalto)
    • W3C Web Security IG has been collected some secuirty needs from different sources (workshops, members, other organizations) and would like to trigger members vision on priority to allocate on those features
    • presentation and open discussion
    • get a priority from members to address the security features, get volunteers to execute the plan
    • wendy from W3C, (please add you name if you wanna speak)

Review of Proposed Changes to Technical Reports Process (Room 4-153)

    • Session proposer: David Singer
    • Likely Chairs (not yet confirmed): Charles, SteveZ, Jeff
    • Purpose: Walk through all the changes of the Proposed New Process
    • Potential topics:
      • What are the key differences from the 2005 Technical Reports Process; where is the problem statement and key use cases this proposal addresses; what are the motivations for the changes?
      • How does the proposal affect various constituencies?
        • Chairs
        • Editors
        • WG members
        • Other members of the consortium
        • The public at large (e.g. ‘public review steps’)
        • IPR review and policy
      • Are the various constituencies empowered or disadvantaged by this process? What unintended consequences might there be for each of these communities?
      • Does changing LCWD from being an explicit part of the workflow to being implicit really result in less work?
      • Rather than eliminating an explicit review step, why can't the same results be achieved by providing more education, best practices, guidelines and such?
      • Which WG is going to be the `guinea pig(s)?
      • What is the plan to get wide review of the proposed process by other SSOs that use W3C standards?


W3C tools

    • Proposed by Jeff Jaffe
    • Led by Ted Guild
    • How should infrastructure for W3C groups evolve
    • Discussion
    • What do we need for groups? Relation to tool ecosystem?

How to propose a session

Please provide:

    • session name (as a === subhead === )
    • session proposer (optional: name a desired session leader, can be yourself)
    • one sentence session summary
    • type of session: (e.g.: talk, panel, open discussion, etc.)
    • goals of session
    • additional speakers/panelists

And feel free to simply add them here at the top.