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ARIA 1.1 Testing Wiki Pages


This is a sub-group of the ARIA 1.1 Working group charged with testing the implementation of ARIA 1.1.

Communication and Issue Tracking

Starting a Teleconference

From: Guidelines to take minutes on IRC using Zakim and RSSAgent bots

Commands to start a teleconference and publish minutes:

 /invite zakim #aria-test  
 /invite RRSAgent #aria-test
 trackbot, start meeting
 Zakim, this is [ARIA Testing]
 Scribe: [name]
 Chair: jongund
 Meeting: [ARIA Testing]
 Agenda: [URI to e-mail list archive]
 Minutes: [URL to e-mail list minutes of last meeting]
 rrsagent, make logs world
 rrsagent, draft minutes
 rrsagent, bye

CR Exit Criteria for ARIA 1.1

Related Specifications

Previous Work

Current Work on Browser Test Pages

Accessibility Inspection Tools

Working Group Member Interests

Person Organization Create Test Cases Build Automated Testing Tools Run Test Cases Other
Joanmarie Diggs Igalia - Yes Yes
Fred Esch Invited Expert (pending) Yes - Yes SVG test cases
Jon Gunderson U. of Illinois Yes Yes Yes Coordinator
John Jansen Microsoft - Yes Yes
Shane McCarron Spec-Ops - Yes Yes Web Platform Test support
Rich Schwerdtfeger IBM Yes - Yes

Web Platform Test (WPT) Tools

Github Repositories for WPT

Automated ARIA Implementation Testing Tools

Operating System OS/Accessibility API Person Responsible Information
Windows 10 UIA John Janson/Stanley Hon
Windows 10 MSAA John Jansen/Stanley Hon
Windows 10 MSAA+IAccessible2 Bei Zhang and Jon Gunderson
  • Creating an Assistive Technology Test Adapter (ATTA) for WPT
Linux ATK/AT_SPI Joanmarie Diggs
  • Creating a Assistive Technology Test Adapter (ATTA) for WPT
OS X AXAPI Joanmarie Diggs (with help from James Craig)
Web Platform ARIA Testing API all OS Shane McCarron

Test Specifications and Resources

Python Resources