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This is a sub-group of the ARIA 1.1 Working group charged with testing the implementation of ARIA 1.1.

Implementation Reports

Filing Bugs

Related Specifications

Previous Work

Accessibility Inspection Tools

Web Platform Test (WPT) Tools

Github Repositories for WPT

Automated ARIA Implementation Testing Tools

Operating System OS/Accessibility API Person Responsible Information
Windows 10 UIA Mihir Kumar/Jon Gunderson
Windows 7/10 MSAA+IAccessible2 Jon Gunderson
Linux ATK/AT_SPI Joanmarie Diggs
  • Created a Assistive Technology Test Adapter (ATTA) for ATK-SPI
OS X AXAPI Joanmarie Diggs (with help from James Craig)
  • Created a Assistive Technology Test Adapter (ATTA) for OSX
Web Platform ARIA Testing API all OS Shane McCarron

Test Specifications and Resources

Python Resources