This year, the World Wide Web turns 25. It’s incredible to think it’s been a quarter century since Sir Tim Berners-Lee designed the digital information management system that became the World Wide Web — and changed the world in unprecedented ways.

And since the dawn of the Web, no profession, no business and no part of American democracy has faced more revolution, evolution and testing than journalism. Everything — from the paper the news was printed on, to the audiences who read it with their morning coffee, to the classified ads that served as its financial life support — has changed.

On July 29, Poynter will mark this milestone in journalism’s history at the Ford Foundation in New York at 6:30 p.m. We will gather journalism’s disruptors, its supporters, its visionaries, its critics, its heroes and its stalwarts. Editors, CEOs, reporters, writers, entrepreneurs and Web mavericks will study the past, examine the present and conjure the future. They’ll sort through the revolution, evolution and endurance of the Fourth Estate — tracing the trajectory of a quarter century of progress, chaos and well-earned wisdom.

New York, United States

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