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Team Comment on Web Services Resource Transfer (WS-RT)

W3C acknowledges receipt of the Web Services Resource Transfer (WS-RT) Submission from Computer Associates, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM and Intel.

WS-RT defines how to use WS-Transfer to Create, Read, Update and Delete "Web service Resources" or fragments of such resources.

In this Submission, Web service Resources are defined as being accessible using an endpoint reference (EPR), so not directly by a URI, and creation of new Web service Resources are handled by specialized Web services: Resource factories.

Operations can be performed on the entire resource, on one fragment, or on several fragments of this resource. The selection of fragments depends on a Dialect, an URI used to identify the kind of selection done. In the Submission, QName, XPath Level 1 (a profiled version of XPath 1.0 defined in this Submission) and XPath 1.0 are used.

Actions meant to update a Web service Resource (PUT, CREATE and DELETE) are not protected using a validator (see ETag and conditionnal requests in HTTP/1.1), leading to the lost update issue. In the case of multiple fragments, or multiple resources, the processing is not defined in case only one of those fragments or resource generates a fault, nor the compensation actions that might be performed in this case.

Next steps

The W3C Team plans to notify the Web Services Coordination Group of this Member Submission. As there are existing plans to start new work on the subject covered by this Submission, it could be used as an input document by the Working Group.

Authors: Yves Lafon