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Team Comment on the ESI Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the ESI Language Specification 1.0, Edge Architecture Specification 1.0 and ESI Invalidation Protocol 1.0 from Akamai Technologies, Inc., Art Technology Group, BEA Systems, Inc., Circadence Corporation, Digital Island, Inc. , IBM Corporation, Interwoven, Inc., Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems and Vignette Corporation.

This submission is made of ESI Language Specification, a server side include (SSI) that happens on the edge servers of a content delivery network (CDN) or in surrogates; Edge Architecture Specification, an extension of HTTP/1.1 addressing control of surrogate proxies used in CDN and close to big origin servers and ESI Invalidation Protocol which describe a way to invalidate content cached in those surrogate proxies when the content is modified on the original server.

In ESI Invalidation Protocol, the way to send invalidation documents is to use HTTP post. It may be good to take a look at the work done in XML Protocol Working Group, as multiple ways of communication would be a good thing for such protocol.

Next Steps

This submission will be referred to the attention of the XML Protocol Working Group as the invalidation protocol would be a very good use case. A Workshop covering this area could be organized to gather more input on infrastructure problems.

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Yves Lafon, Team Contact for the XML Protocol Working Group <ylafon@w3.org>