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Team Comment on Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the Representing vCard Objects in RDF/XML Submission from IPR Systems.

This vCard in RDF/XML specification gives a Resource Description Framework (RDF) encoding of the vCard profile for directory information for persons defined by RFC 2426. This vocabulary would be mixed with other RDF vocabularies that describe information about people. Note that this specification does not directly address the topic of how to specify that a particular URI refers to a person and not, say, to a Web document written by that person.

The Submission relates to the following W3C Activities:

Semantic Web
In the RDF Interest Group, which tracks RDF experience, applications, and deployment.

In the RDF Core WG, which is responsible for addressing open issues and is chartered to consider an update to the RDF Model and Syntax Recommendation.

Next Steps

The submission will be brought to the attention of the RDF Interest Group.

One detail of the encoding as specified is not fully conformant with the RDF 1.0 syntax specification. In Section 3.5 Binary Values the encoding apparently intends to specify properties of literals. This is the subject of a recorded issue on the use of Literals as subjects of statements.

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Ralph Swick, W3C Team, 21 Feb 2001