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HTML WG Teleconferences


Teleconferences are typically used to facilitate issue coordination.

Day and Time

  • The HTML Working Group holds, as needed, up to one phone meeting per week usually on Thursdays at 12 noon Boston time (16:00Z).
  • W3C Teleconference Calendar

Agenda and Minutes

  • Minutes as well as agendas are announced via the announce mailing list.
  • Baseline agenda is derived from the issue tracker. Additions to the agenda are welcome. To add an agenda item respond to the agenda announcement.


US Toll Number: +1-617-324-0000 Dial

Meeting number: 648 315 311

Meeting password: html

For VoIP, use the WebEx app access

No international phone numbers but, to get called back, use the WebEx client.

Each participant should type present+ <name> in the irc channel immediately upon joining the call


IRC Sessions to Real Readable Minutes

From: Zakim & RRSAgent Cheat Sheet & Scribing Tips by Gregory J. Rosmaita.

Before the Meeting Starts

  1. Invite Zakim and RRSAgent
    • /invite rrsagent html-wg
    • /invite Zakim html-wg

(note: check the attendance list for the channel to ensure that Zakim and RRSAgent have been invited)

  1. Set Meeting Info
    • rrsagent, set logs world-visible (for groups with open proceedings)
    • meeting: HTML WG Issue Tracking Telecon
    • chair: "name"
    • agenda: ``
    • -> Previous "URI"
    • scribe: "name"
    • "ScribeNick": "screen-name"
    • present: "names"
    • regrets: "namesv
    • rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)
    • zakim, save agenda (after agenda entered)
    • zakim, Wrong_Name is Correct_Name

During the Meeting

  • ACTION: "ZakimName" "ActionText" - "DueDate"
  • RESOLVED: (info)
  • RESOLUTION: (info)
  • correction syntax: s/rosmiata/rosmaita
  • q+ (puts you in the speaker queue)
  • q- (remove yourself from the speaker queue)
  • q+ (to ask ...)
  • q+ (to say ...)
  • q? (to ascertain who is on the queue)
  • present+ "name" (to add late arrivals)
  • present- "PhoneCode"(to remove coded IDs)
  • regrets+ "name" (for last minute regrets)
  • rrsagent, pointer? (gives location of IRC log)
  • switching scribes:
    • i/Text_Where_Scribe_Changed/ScribeNick: IRC_name
  • trackbot, status? (shows the users trackbot knows about)
  • rrsagent, drop action # (how to drop a malformed action)

After the Meeting Adjourns

  1. Create the Minutes
    • rrsagent, create minutes (the following 5 commands are synonyms)
      • rrsagent, draft minutes
      • rrsagent, format minutes
      • rrsagent, generate minutes
      • rrsagent, make minutes
      • rrsagent, publish minutes
  2. Create minutes command ensures that the attendees list is correctly populated -- use the + and minus syntax to add or delete attendees, regrets, etc. -- remember that you MUST issue an "rssagent, create minutes" order for the minutes to execute your instructions -- every time you do so, be sure to REFRESH the document in the browser instance in which you are reviewing the draft minutes.
  3. Make Any Corrections to the Minutes
    NOTE: Non-staff members who are acting as scribe MUST effect any changes or corrections BEFORE dismissing RRSAgent; staff can edit slash manipulate minutes by appending a comma and the word tools to the URI for the minutes - for example
  4. Dismiss Zakim AND RRSAgent
    • zakim, please part (this will result in the output of attendees)
    • rrsagent, please part (VERY LAST STEP- logs actions and resolutions)
  5. Put text dump in email along with HTML and IRC log pointers

Resources for Scribes and Participants