ISSUE-49: [oops] Pronunciation Semantics


[oops] Pronunciation Semantics

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Dan Connolly
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Pronunciation attributes for abbreviations, variables, proper nouns and terms. Adds phonetic and related pronunciation attributes for DFN, ABBR, VAR and proper names. Adds a phonetic attribute to several elements as well as type and expressedas attributes to the ABBR element.

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(issue raised on behalf of Robert J. Burns)
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Dan Connolly, 13 Jun 2008, 17:55:18

Noting for the record that I've reviewed this issue to see if/how it relates to accessibility concerns and found that while it could be considered to have some relationship to accessbility (as far as prononciation relates to accessibility), it otherwise does not meet the criteria we have set for Tracker issues in the group.

Michael[tm] Smith, 16 Jun 2008, 10:08:53

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