ISSUE-36: Client side database storage SQL statement support


Client side database storage SQL statement support

HTML 5 spec
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Shawn Medero
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__This issue may depend on the resolution of ISSUE-16 (Is the offline application spec within scope?)__

Should the client-side database storage section of the specification clearly outline what SQL statements _must_ be supported by implementors?

If so what are the MUSTs vs. SHOULDs?

Raised by Mikko Honkala via email:

> The current spec only notes: "Note: A future version of this
> specification will probably define the exact SQL subset required in more
> detail".

> This is not a good position, especially since implementations are
> starting to pop up. On a high level, we need requirements and further
> proposals for the subset that is going to get specified as a MUST level
> requirement in the spec.

## Proposals

Mikko Honkala suggested:

> My kick-off proposal would be to start with the number 3 : "The SQL
> subset supported by SQLite", combined with their support for full - text
> search:
> And making BEGIN/COMMIT/ROLLBACK no-ops, since transactions are
> built-in to the API.
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