ISSUE-25: [oops] Assess JS/graphics perf. issues on embedded devices?


[oops] Assess JS/graphics perf. issues on embedded devices?

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Michael[tm] Smith
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Description:, 2007-11-30 16:05 +0200:
> We believe the canvas element and its JavaScript interface should be
> considered in scope of the HTML5 WG. We request the WG to asses and draw
> attention to performance issues with JavaScript and graphics operations
> on embedded devices.

Also note Mikko's response to the canvas-requirement survey:

The main rationale behind HTML5 is Rich Web Applications, and vector graphics play a major role in this application scope.

My only major concern about the canvas solution to this requirement is performance in mobile platforms. The main reason is using ECMAScript in the drawing loop.

Hopefully the next version ECMAScript will enable better performing implementations (although the API should be checked wheather it can be typed). On the other hand, SVG has not been proven to perform any better in real world applications.
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Related notes:

it's not really clear that this belongs in the issues list. Perhaps we'll figure out a relate issue, but for now, we're closing this.

Dan Connolly, 6 Dec 2007, 04:31:01

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