ISSUE-23: [oops] External conformance dependency in forms


[oops] External conformance dependency in forms

HTML 5 spec
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Shawn Medero
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Issue raised by Henri Sivonen on public-html:

>> Authors must not specify an encoding other than UTF-8 or US-ASCII in
>> the accept-charset attribute when the method used is get and the
>> action indicates an HTTP resource.
> That conformance requirement is not checkable from the bytes of the
> document plus the content-type header when the action is relative as
> it would depend on the base URI in that case. Hence, the conformance
> status could change depending on whether the author puts the document
> on a server or uploads it to a validator.
> This point should probably be given consideration with other external
> conformance dependency issues related to images and such.
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Another issue I'm closing based on this conversation with the Editor:

Shawn Medero, 12 Jun 2008, 16:58:09

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