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ACTION-254 (edit) open Triage and prioritise DOM bugs based on incompatible tests (+XMLDocument#load) Robin Berjon 2014-12-19
ACTION-252 (edit) open - contact polyglot proponents to ask what they plan to do w/ the spec Sam Ruby 2015-01-31
ACTION-249 (edit) open Triage new whatwg updates, html bugs, landscape document in order to list priority content for modules Robin Berjon 2015-02-05
ACTION-253 (edit) open File bugs on implementors re: html json form submission Robin Berjon 2015-02-23
ACTION-256 (edit) open Issue cfc on using 2014 process document for a html 5.1 heartbeat Sam Ruby 2015-03-09
ACTION-257 (edit) open Work with steve f to prepare an appropriate aria in html document and to issue a cfc for the fpwd of this document Sam Ruby 2015-03-09
ACTION-258 (edit) open Reach out to editing and media tf about f2f plans Paul Cotton 2015-03-09

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