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These are the current project groups of the eGov IG. The overall IG meets alternate Wednesdays at 9am ET (14:00 UTC); project groups have reserved time slots, and meet as needed. Before participating in a meeting, people should formally join the IG, to address conflict-of-interest, etc.

Also see these archival pages: project draft descriptions, first (signup) poll, and second (scheduling) poll.

Current (2010) eGov Projects
Name Description Reserved Time Slot Coordinators Deliverables
Linked Data Government Linked Data: Outreach Thursdays, 10am ET (15:00 UTC) 1 Cory Casanave, TDB Outreach Project
LDTech (Project 1) Government Linked Data: Techniques and Technologies (Part of outreach) Thursdays, 10am ET (15:00 UTC) Cory Casanave, TDB TBD
LDStrat (Project 2) Government Linked Data: Strategies and Success Stories (Part of outreach) Mondays, 8am ET (13:00 UTC) NOT STARTED Cory Casanave, TDB TBD
GLD (Project 3) Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo Fridays, 12:00 UTC (Zakim bridge) Michael Hausenblas TBD
WebTech (Project 4) Best Practices for Using Web Technologies to Deliver Government Services Wednesdays, 12 noon ET (17:00 UTC) starting March 3. Chris Beer, TBD TBD
DataMgmt (Project 5) Best Practices for Government Data Management Wednesdays, 8am ET (13:00 UTC) 1 Daniel Bennett, TBD TBD
SocMed (Project 6) Best Practices for Government Use of Social Media Fridays, 3pm ET (20:00 UTC) Brian Gryth, TBD TBD