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EGov Procurement

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A set of case studies is going to be collected here, to give visibility to the 'Procurement' chain behind egovernment in each country.

An 'evidence' based approach is followed, if possible, link to documentary evidence even when incomplete/partial)

A general template for a case study is set out below (feel free to edit) the aim of this project is to compile at least one case study for each country




Template (for each)

identify questions

A case study should aim to answer a set of sample questions, some are provided below as guidance. To answer the case study question, it should be possible to locate the necessary documentary evidence - correspondence, contracts, meeting notes or any other evidence -

Example: what types of software has the government acquired to enable egovernment functions? (by year)

which are the requirements should the software fulfil (and how were the requirements gathered/evaluated?)


who has made decisions to purchase?

has there been an open tender?

is the contract between the government and the supplier accessible?

show all the transactions between the government and the supplier (correspondence, payments) is the software use/adoption evaluated?

data about usage of the software (how many users use it, to do what, can the users provide feedback for future development?)

other (how much was spent to provide the target functionality? was the desired outcome achieved?)

Summarize the findings

Critically analyse the findings and compare with other cases/countries or with other procurement options

Has the best/optimal procurement decisions been made? if not, why not, and how can the procurement process be improved in the future? (make recommendation)

UK, Case 1: CKAN

what are CKAN requirements?

how were they captured?

what spec does CKAN conform to?

who funded CKAN, how much?

is there a copy of the contract available for inspection?


- No evidence supplied by OKF via email requests to OKFn administrators

- Some evidence of payments: Some evidence of Payments between the government and OKFn

- No useful evidence of contract/tender found so far: Cabinet Office ....

more FOI requests to be issued???

Summary CKAN procurement case study: (in progress)