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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Open a new section in the wiki for use cases for his TF Ari Schwartz 2008-07-02
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Draft statement to open Round Table event Kevin Novak 2008-07-10
ACTION-3 (edit) open Get in touch with AIIM and ASCX12 Kevin Novak 2009-01-05
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Draft outline Group Activity Plan Kevin Novak 2008-07-10
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Open a new section in the wiki for use cases for his TF Christopher Testa 2008-07-02
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Open a new section in the wiki for use cases for his TF Oscar Azanon Esteire 2008-07-10
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Draft an outline for the W3C/OASIS joint event Kevin Novak 2008-09-29
ACTION-8 (edit) closed prepare agenda for next Group call John Sheridan 2008-10-13
ACTION-9 (edit) closed prepare agenda for next Group call Kevin Novak 2008-10-13
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Discuss themes by email by Monday Kevin Novak 2008-10-13
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Discuss themes by email by Monday John Sheridan 2008-10-13
ACTION-12 (edit) closed review CEN WS/eGov Share work Oscar Azanon Esteire 2008-12-01
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Send an email to the people who wrote wrote a master's thesis about using the Semantic Web to support citizens when they search for support from the state Kjetil Kjernsmo 2008-10-22
ACTION-14 (edit) open Share how he justified the business decision of becoming W3C Members John Sheridan 2009-02-17
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Elaborate on what exists wrt 7. Identification and Authentication (G2C) Martin Mollema 2008-11-12 Identification + Authentication
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Find use case on eVoting to illustrate 8. Data Aggregation Benjamin Nguyen 2008-11-12 Data Aggregation
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Find use case to illustrate 2. Persistent URIs John Sheridan 2008-11-12 Persistent URIs
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Find use case for number 9. your web site is your API Oscar Azanon Esteire 2008-11-12 Your Web Site is your API
ACTION-19 (edit) closed Find use case for number 9. your web site is your API Martin Mollema 2008-11-12 Your Web Site is your API
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Help with use case for number 9. your web site is your API John Sheridan 2008-11-12 Your Web Site is your API
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Find people within the organization to build use case to illustrate 5. Digital Preservation + Authenticity + Temporal Degradation John Sheridan 2008-11-12 Digital Preservation + Authenticity + Temporal Degradation
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Find use case on 6. I.P. Expression 2008-11-12 IPR Expression
ACTION-23 (edit) closed find use case for 4. Data Sharing Policy Expression 2008-11-12 Data Sharing Policy Expression
ACTION-24 (edit) closed Elaborate on what exists wrt 7. Identification and Authentication (G2C) Oscar Azanon Esteire 2008-11-12 Identification + Authentication
ACTION-25 (edit) closed 10. What Data? How does the Government Decide 2008-11-12 What Data? How does the government decide?
ACTION-26 (edit) closed 11. Participation in Social Media (what are the rules?) 2008-11-09 Participation in Social Media
ACTION-27 (edit) closed Work on 12. Temporal Data: legislation/legal and geospatial Benjamin Nguyen 2008-11-12 Temporal Data
ACTION-28 (edit) closed Work on 12. Temporal Data: legislation/legal and geospatial John Sheridan 2008-11-12 Temporal Data
ACTION-29 (edit) closed Work on 3. Performance Data and Citizen Choice John Sheridan 2008-11-12 Performance Data + Citizen Choice
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Draft position paper for W3C Workshop on future of social networking John Sheridan 2008-11-14
ACTION-31 (edit) closed find route for SEMIC.EU to be engaged in the IG and provide cases for 1. Semantic Interoperability José Manuel Alonso 2008-11-12 Semantic Interoperability
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Talk to the DBPedia/LOD people/Ivan Herman about using the Linked Data/DBPedia approach for 10. What Data? José Manuel Alonso 2008-11-02 What Data? How does the government decide?
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Draft XML Schema for DRM as use case to use it for 10. What data? Owen Ambur 2008-11-05 What Data? How does the government decide?
ACTION-34 (edit) closed Document "Handle" use for THOMAS as use case for 2.Persistent URIs Anne Washington 2008-11-12 Persistent URIs
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Will prepare agenda and circulate to call pparticipants John Sheridan 2008-11-11
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Post and ask around about 4, 6, 13 John Sheridan 2008-11-19
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Draft document outline based on existing stuff José Manuel Alonso 2008-12-10
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Update Activity Plan Kevin Novak 2008-11-26
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Go around and ask people outside the Group to send use cases José Manuel Alonso 2008-11-26
ACTION-40 (edit) closed round of contacts to get use cases from outside the Group José Manuel Alonso 2009-01-04
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Setup conference bridge José Manuel Alonso 2008-12-17
ACTION-42 (edit) closed Provide use case on social media Rachel Flagg 2009-01-28
ACTION-43 (edit) closed Provide use case on \"plain language\" Rachel Flagg 2009-01-28
ACTION-44 (edit) closed finalize Open Government Data section José Manuel Alonso 2009-05-01
ACTION-45 (edit) closed Send an email to Group to tell them about provocation/reflection and fill in the wiki page José Manuel Alonso 2009-02-25
ACTION-46 (edit) closed 3rd F2F at TPAC 2009 -- need to fill questionnaire José Manuel Alonso 2009-03-18
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Review and set the tone Kevin Novak 2009-03-04
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Make the doc pubrules compliant José Manuel Alonso 2009-03-04
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Start a separate wiki page to brainstorm on F2F agenda José Manuel Alonso 2009-03-11
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Add column with email addresses to list of attendants José Manuel Alonso 2009-04-01
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Summarize approach to Multi Channel Ken Fischer 2009-04-08
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Chris to provide content for long term Christopher Testa 2009-04-15 long-term
ACTION-53 (edit) closed provide outline for multi-channel section Miguel Amutio 2009-04-14 Multi Channel Delivery
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Setup Group call for May, 6th and announce it to the Group José Manuel Alonso 2009-04-29
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Deal with OGD definition in ISSUE-2 along this line Kevin Novak 2009-05-04 OGDDEF
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Start glossary related to ISSUE-26 Sharron Rush 2009-05-04 glossary
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Write a paragraph to add raw data downloads concept to OGD section John Sheridan 2009-05-02 rawdata
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Close those ISSUES that have been integrated in the doc already José Manuel Alonso 2009-05-02
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Develop exec summary and abstract and next steps section Kevin Novak 2009-05-04 rewriting
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Help develop exec summary and abstract Sharron Rush 2009-05-04 rewriting
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Review document with ISSUE-18 on Web Content in mind Sharron Rush 2009-05-04 non-W3C-standards
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Provide replacement text to add ISSUE-22 related to P&E Daniel Bennett 2009-05-04
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Send message to list about different publishing options rec/BPS/etc. José Manuel Alonso 2009-05-20
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Collect comments for Kevin Novak 2009-06-03
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Draft a 1-2 initial pager re: charter, john and jose to help Kevin Novak 2009-06-03
ACTION-66 (edit) closed post links related to recent activities of US federal Open Government Initiative Kevin Novak 2009-06-17
ACTION-67 (edit) closed post to the eGov list for volunteers to serve on the editorial board Rachel Flagg 2009-06-17
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Rachel and volunteer editorial board to collect comments from wiki and rewrite charter doc Rachel Flagg 2009-07-14
ACTION-69 (edit) closed Extend next Wed call for 30min José Manuel Alonso 2009-06-24
ACTION-70 (edit) closed draft white paper Kevin Novak 2009-06-24
ACTION-71 (edit) closed Try get RDFa Gov use cases on TPAC agenda José Manuel Alonso 2009-07-01
ACTION-72 (edit) closed Send draft proposal to vera José Manuel Alonso 2009-07-08
ACTION-73 (edit) closed Ask again for speaking points and Qs to Vera/Karen José Manuel Alonso 2009-07-08
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Do a final review, send changes Kevin Novak 2009-07-08
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Take Kevin's changes and integrate into the wiki page José Manuel Alonso 2009-07-08
ACTION-76 (edit) open address funding issue José Manuel Alonso 2009-12-31
ACTION-77 (edit) closed Draft diagrams for the* memo Adam Harvey 2009-08-31
ACTION-78 (edit) closed Draft diagrams for the* memo Daniel Bennett 2009-08-31
ACTION-79 (edit) closed Draft memo text based on what is there already Daniel Bennett 2009-08-19
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Draft memo text based on what is there already Adam Harvey 2009-08-19
ACTION-81 (edit) closed Produce HTML diff so IG could see W3M Review changes José Manuel Alonso 2009-07-29
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Take a look at eGov home design Daniel Bennett 2009-07-29
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Take a look at eGov home design Adam Harvey 2009-07-29
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Support and reach out to other AC reps to encourage support of eGov Charter John Sheridan 2009-09-28
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Within ETF, draft next version of* memo, focusing on content Rachel Flagg 2009-09-04
ACTION-86 (edit) closed help with formatting* memo to meet W3C fomatting requirements Hugh Barnes 2009-09-07
ACTION-87 (edit) closed coordinate with W3C webmasters to get* published by Tuesday Sandro Hawke 2009-09-07
ACTION-88 (edit) closed work with Rachel and ETF on graphic content for published version of* memo Adam Harvey 2009-09-04
ACTION-89 (edit) closed explore the feasibility of various European venues and conference collaborations and propose specific dates José Manuel Alonso 2009-09-16
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Look at WYSIWYG options for MediaWiki and report back Sandro Hawke 2009-09-23
ACTION-91 (edit) closed Organize informal meeting of IG members at TPAC Kevin Novak 2009-09-23
ACTION-92 (edit) closed put out call for volunteers to survey agencies for those most ready for next steps in creating open data projects Kevin Novak 2009-09-30
ACTION-93 (edit) closed investigate and report back WYSIWYG editor wiki options Sandro Hawke 2009-09-30
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Send mail to the group about wikipedia ideas Joe Carmel 2009-12-16
ACTION-95 (edit) closed move IG pages to mediawiki Sandro Hawke 2010-02-10
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Reserve bridge Thursday10 for Group 1 Sandro Hawke 2010-02-10
ACTION-97 (edit) closed Ask if we can just use[wiki-page-name] Sandro Hawke 2010-02-12
ACTION-98 (edit) open Ask sandro re lobbying efforts (F2F, etc.) within W3C Cory Casanave 2010-02-18
ACTION-99 (edit) open Propose a mission statement for our project Cory Casanave 2010-02-18
ACTION-100 (edit) open Draft a paragraph regarding gov agency business process and its implications on our outreach work Hugh Glaser 2010-02-18
ACTION-101 (edit) closed Draft demos for outreach Michael Hausenblas 2010-02-18
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Send weekly meeting reminders Sandro Hawke 2010-02-24
ACTION-103 (edit) closed Review and add links to existing resources Michael Hausenblas 2010-02-25
ACTION-104 (edit) closed Draft the LD Gov Executive Primer Michael Hausenblas 2010-02-25
ACTION-105 (edit) open Make a wiki page of 2 pagers Chris Beer 2010-05-19
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Add requirement about querying using standard mechanism Martín Álvarez 2010-05-20 dcat
ACTION-107 (edit) closed (just testing) Martín Álvarez 2010-05-20
ACTION-108 (edit) open Review past meeting minutes and action items for next call review George Thomas 2010-06-11
ACTION-109 (edit) open Write up requirements/wishlist for generic Web of Data browser Cory Casanave 2010-06-11
ACTION-110 (edit) closed Ask about format representation to RDF community Richard Cyganiak 2010-06-17
ACTION-111 (edit) closed Draft a strawman call incl. rules, goals, etc Michael Hausenblas 2010-09-10 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-112 (edit) closed Gather info re SpotFire (Kingsley) Ted Thibodeau 2010-09-10 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-113 (edit) closed Find missing minutes from Jul/Aug Michael Hausenblas 2010-10-08 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Update draft with links to projects Michael Hausenblas 2010-10-08 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Talk with Richard to create dcat on the fly out from BeautifulSoup interaction Michael Hausenblas 2010-10-08 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Contact Sunlight Foundation regarding participation in the Linked Open Government Application Challenge Brand Niemann 2010-10-22 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Check back with W3C legal about the organisation status Sandro Hawke 2010-10-22 Government Linked Data (GLD) Demo
ACTION-118 (edit) open D to set up task Force on EO Daniel Bennett 2010-11-09
ACTION-119 (edit) open Invite OKFN for org Michael Hausenblas 2010-11-12
ACTION-120 (edit) open Archer to make sure he know how to grant write access to the wiki before TPAC Phil Archer 2011-10-25
ACTION-121 (edit) open Arrange Anne for next meeting Jeanne Holm 2011-11-08
ACTION-122 (edit) open Invite data journalists to the group Jeanne Holm 2011-11-08
ACTION-123 (edit) open Convene a small team to develop an immediate and long term mechanism for collection use cases Jeanne Holm 2011-11-08
ACTION-124 (edit) open Create a way of organizing and analyzing use case content to take back to governments and other stakeholders by 2012-01-15 Hadley Beeman 2011-11-08
ACTION-125 (edit) open Explore the augmentation of the GLD Directory project to support some aspects of this 2011-12-15 Bernadette Hyland 2011-11-09
ACTION-126 (edit) open Share the eGov IG members’ social networks (to be assigned to eGov co-chair TBD) by 2012-1-15 Jeanne Holm 2011-11-09
ACTION-127 (edit) open McAllister Create a way of organizing and analyzing social media policies to identify commonalities 2012-03-15 Dave McAllister 2011-11-09
ACTION-128 (edit) open Identify the proper W3C parties that would be part of exploring the solutions to making apps developed from open data sustainable Phil Archer 2011-11-09
ACTION-129 (edit) open Identify other activities in the W3C that could inform or be recipients of requirements from the eGov IG 2012-04-01 Sandro Hawke 2011-11-09
ACTION-130 (edit) open Change frequency and perhaps time of meetings to better accomodate broad participation Jeanne Holm 2011-11-09
ACTION-131 (edit) open Invite additional industry/commercial participation in the IG Jeanne Holm 2011-11-09

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