ACTION-44: finalize Open Government Data section

finalize Open Government Data section

José Manuel Alonso
Due on:
May 1, 2009
Created on:
February 7, 2009
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[josema]: some potential pending stuff to add: [[@@ From:

7 Feb 2009, 11:33:42

[josema]: @@XBRL, now mandated by SEC, should be also referenced here? @@ ]]

7 Feb 2009, 11:34:39

@@Benchmarking eGovernment in the Web 2.0 era: what to measure, and how;; David to provide some comments, too?@@

José Manuel Alonso, 9 Feb 2009, 08:54:46

more examples added, some wording tweaked, only need to close pending related ISSUES, closing this one

José Manuel Alonso, 5 May 2009, 17:06:44

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