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eGovernment Activity Statement

October 2013 Work conducted under The eGovernment Activity has ended or is now nearing the end of its charter. See the highlights section for the current situation.

eGovernment refers to the use of the Web or other information technologies by governing bodies to interact with their citizenry, between departments and divisions, and between governments themselves.

The eGov Interest Group (recently closed) was chartered to build and strengthen the community of people who use or promote the use of W3C technologies to improve Government. The group was to identify and discuss essential areas of technology and related policy issues. Such discussions occurred, amongst other places, on its mailing list, in teleconference seminars, and at face-to-face gatherings. On topics with sufficient interest and motivated participants, the group was able to form task forces to produce documents and otherwise reach out to relevant communities.

The Gov Linked Data (GLD) Working Group is chartered to provide standards and other information which help governments around the world publish their data as effective and usable Linked Data using Semantic Web technologies. The group is to collect and make available information about government Linked Data activities around the world. It will use that information and the experience of its participants to develop W3C Recommendations for Best Practices and for RDF Vocabularies necessary for publication of government data in RDF, as Linked Data. Concurrently with this Working Group, W3C chartered the eGovernment Interest Group for broad community discussion of government use of the Web.

Highlights Since the Previous Advisory Committee Meeting

The interest group offered members a series of interesting talks from well placed speakers in governments around the world, including from countries that are often under-represented at W3C such as Jordan and Uganda. Primary topics have been the use of social media for citizen engagement and open data. Despite the high quality of the speakers, participation in the IG has not been high. At the end of its charter the IG chairs established the Electronic Governance Community Group to continue the work with a revised set of priorities.

The Government Linked Data Working Group has recently been extended, in particular to allow it to complete the Recommendation track process for some widely used vocabularies: DCAT, the Data Cube Vocabulary and Organization Ontology.

In addition, it has published a number of Working Group Notes including a specialization of DCAT and a specialization of the ORG Ontology derived from work with the European Commission's ISA Programme. Publication of a Linked Data Best Practices Note is expected by the end of 2013.

The proposed Data Activity will encompass the work of the eGov Actvity, merging it with the Semantic Web Activity, and building on the two.

Members are invited to review the Data Activity and cast their vote by 24th November 2013.

Summary of Activity Structure

GroupChairTeam ContactCharter
Government Linked Data Working Group
Bernadette Hyland, Hadley BeemanSandro HawkeChartered until 31 December 2013

This Activity Statement was prepared for TPAC 2013 per section 5 of the W3C Process Document. Generated from group data.

Sandro Hawke (W3C), eGovernment Activity Lead

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