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Task Forces/locators

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Task force on PWP Locators

  • Leader(s): Bill Kasdorf, Apex

Task force meeting minutes

See separate WebEx information for dialing in.


Members (Please add your name, organization)

  • Ivan Herman, W3C
  • Bill Kasdorf, Apex
  • Leonard Rosenthol Adobe
  • Tzviya Siegman, Wiley
  • Dave Cramer, Hachette Book Group
  • Ben De Meester, iMinds
  • Romain Deltour, DAISY
  • Matt Garrish, DAISY
  • Markus Gylling, IDPF & DAISY
  • Daniel Weck (DAISY - Readium)
  • Luc Audrain (Hachette Livre)


Establish principles and mechanism locators in the context of Portable Web Publications. From the Meeting Summary of the relevant Telco discussion:

  • The task force should concentrate on locators (as opposed to identifiers) both for the PWP level as well as on the individual resources’ level
    • I.e., dealing with identifiers (ISBN-s of different sort, ISTC work, DOI-s, etc) is out of scope, as well as the issues around fragment identifiers, hence also the name of the task force
  • The task force should dig into the addressing/identifier work described in the PWP document, should flesh out the details, possibly have some mock-up implementation, and identify if and what of this work would require a targeted Recommendation/Standardization work (either at W3C, or at IDPF, or in a joint group)
  • The task force should also provide input to the IDPF EPUB 3.1 Working Group, with the goal of providing suggestions/advice on how to express locators in EPUB that are forward compatible with PWP locators.

Questions for the Group

  • Must a PWP be a tree structure?
  • Must all components be "local"?
  • What is the manifest? (i.e. What is HTTP GETting?)