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In February of 2009, an open unconference was held in San Antonio, Texas to introduce the local web community to accessibility issues and resources. AccessCamp San Antonio was held in the context of learning and sharing similar to BarCamps. Since then, Access Camps, Accessibility Camps, and Accessibility Unconferences have been produced in Washington DC, Boston, Montreal, London, Ottawa, Toronto, and Seattle...and more are planned. In April of 2012 an Accessibility Camp will be held in Tokyo, Japan. Our online WAI-Engage group is meant to operate in the spirit of those camps, where people come together as a community to share information and teach and learn from each other.

Please use this space to contribute your ideas about what will strengthen your accessibility practice. Contribute resources and/or identify resources that you have searched for but have not found. This is the brainstorming section of the wiki where we determine how to best meet the needs of a growing community of practice - thanks for being part of it!

Community Platform: Topics of Interest

What topics best fit into the community platform, please feel free to add your ideas, and we can work on prioritizing/expanding them.

  • Engaging community via social networks
  • Improving the ways a11y is viewed in the industry
  • Providing information on topics/techniques that include a11y (Mobile, CSS animations, etc.)
  • Integrating accessibility into basic web competencies
  • Links to stories, videos, articles by and about people with disabilities whose lives are changed by accessible technology
  • Compilation of real world data - beyond the anecdotal - on costs and benefits of accessible design. Would be great if we could begin to get companies, universities, organizations to share experiences here.

Community Platform: Virtual Resources

What kind of resources would be best for our virtual resources? Bear in mind they should be multi-platform and easy to use for all people.

  • Live chats
  • Blog/wiki
  • yours here