Meeting 18 December 2019

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Review progress on previous commitments

  1. Alan and EASI materials. In process:
    • Outreach to Beth Coombs and possible meeting at CSUN
    • Outreach to Danny Hilton-Chalfen
  2. Mike compiling lists
    • PEOPLE - edited some of the names in the WAI-Engage Wiki page; will add more by next meeting (invited others to add to the list)
    • TOPICS - has reviewed what is posted in repository.
  3. Sharron reviewed EXISTING topics to add a11y info as needed. Posted to wiki, others please add
  4. Mike and John are learning more about Wikipedia and seeking support. After the speed that Doug Schepers got Jim Thatcher's page published, maybe use as template and ask Doug for help.
  5. Sharron's investigation of the feasibility of a YouTube channel led to the fact that we need to give the channel a clear title and establish administrators. Please add to the Channel Title discussion with your ideas for a great name.

Next steps

  • The group agreed we should plan to meet at CSUN if possible and publicize the meeting, Mike will think about location and date.
  • Mike will collect, organize his Archived EASI materials and post to WAI-Engage repository
  • Everyone will add to the list of people, topics, and existing entries that need accessibility references.
  • Elle and Lainey will work with Sharron to ID existing topics that need accessibility perspective (Start with the screen reader entry that does not mention Jim Thatcher, does not include the history)
  • Mike to contact Doug Shepers to solicit his help in editing/creating WikiPedia pages
  • Sharron to establish YouTube channel - need to know who will admin and what will be the title. Brainstorm channel name.
  • Lainey will circulate survey among current participants to determine name for This Project and the Channel Name. Team agrees we will decide on a name for the channel by next meeting in January. (Sharron noted the project and channel do not need to have the same name. Elle & Mike both like “Eldering” as part of the name.)
  • Elle will recruit participants to support internationalization of the project.

Meeting recording

Meeting recording on Google drive]