Meeting 17 January 2020

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Review of December action items

  1. Lainey, Elle, Sharron to reorg wiki, consider overall project definition and processes (completed, see below)
  2. Alan to follow up with Beth regarding Project EASI archives (completed, see below)
  3. Invite Doug and Mike to participate more formally (completed, see below)

Project reorg

Eldering Project Plan

Rename to “Digital Accessibility Project”

(gives our mission more breadth, depth). Include:

  • WikiPedia initiative with bios, timeline, description, etc.
    • Focused on “Elder” prioritization: Nominate -> criteria, name, contribution, links
    • Use Doug Sheppers template (Jim Thatcher)
    • WikiPedia initiative should include an overarching narrative that describes the history of Digital Accessibility; the Ecosystem; the innovations (past, present, future)
    • Tie bios to that narrative history
    • Create “Home” or “Starter” page in outline form, Main topics, subtopics, etc…
    • Consider an editing board. Someone with focus on community if practice (Doug S., ???)

Additional Initiatives

  • YouTube channel; post archives
  • Mentoring - need group focus to develop process
  • Create Podcasts, conduct Interviews (Wendy)

EASI Follow up Initiative

  • Alan contacted Danny Hilton Chalfen – Danny has a box of EASI materials and will arrange to get them to Alan

Note: Danny tragically passed away earlier this week. Alan will follow up with Danny’s wife, Sally at an appropriate time.

  • Alan hasn’t had a chance to reach out to Beth Coombs; but will in the future.

Note: Since our call, Karen McCall has forwarded some communication between her and Beth that Alan is following up on

Participation and communication

  • New contributors: Mike Gifford and Doug Schepper (?)
    • Mike – does not have the cycles to contribute. Will follow activities.
    • Doug – available and willing, as needed. Particularly helpful in getting WikiPedia entries through their editing board
  • Use of Eldering Project listserv had been set up write to
  • WAI-Engage repository: Purpose is to coordinate overall eldering activities, not to mimic wikipedia. Can use as a practice for wiki editing if useful. Otherwise, to edit Wikipedia directly, use Doug's template for Jim Thacher and/or coordinate with Doug and group.