Meeting 06 November 2019

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Discussion of project goals and next steps

Attended by

  • Alan Cantor
  • Wendy Chisholm
  • Lainey Feingold
  • Mike Paciello
  • John Rochford
  • Sharron Rush


The group convened to assess where/why this project had started and what were/are the goals. Lainey began by sharing her personal search for an appropriate role for her as an elder in this field and how that led to convening the Accessibility Elders panel at AccessU 2018

  • What was the purpose of the Accessibility Elder Project?
    • Capture history
    • Create community
    • Know accessibility roots
    • Capture role of disabled people in the process
    • Understand role of disability history in innovation
  • What are we trying to capture in the Wikipedia Project:
    • Who has been involved in innovations – both the innovators AND the people in the background
    • Highlight people with disabilities who have contributed
      • History
      • Ideas
  • How can we capture the “heart” of accessibility for future innovations and community building
    • Let’s make sure we have TOPIC lists as well as PERSONs NAME lists
    • Let’s make sure we don’t just isolate our issues into one-offs, but also include accessibility issues into general technology issues.
  • Accessibility Elder Project Broadly / Goals / Objectives
    • Wikipedia project is one aspect
    • Mentoring is also an aspect
    • Disseminate ideas – weaving accessibility history into present day work
  • Repository for non-Wikipedia items (video, etc.)
    • Netflix special on history of technology and inclusion (like the history of Rap)
    • Other conferences to speak at
    • Capture what has already been done! (there was an oral history project by Chelsea Ruckers? Like what is happening with EASI?)
    • Digital Museum? Disability History museums; computer history museum (W3C has a digital museum)
    • Establish priorities for capturing the history. Create list and we can prioritize by age
  • What is role of the WAI Community space (WAI-Engage)
    • Wiki space
    • A place to gather data, research questions, ideas, etc.
    • Co-ordination hub
  • Other goals:
    • Let’s not re-invent the wheel
    • Let’s make sure we have historic perspective
    • Let’s make sure disability / #a11y history is part of existing Wikipedia pages – such as speech recognition.
  • Commitments
    • Alan to get EASI materials from Norm Coombs’ wife
    • Mike to compile initial list of PEOPLE
    • Mike to compile initial list of TOPICS
    • Sharron will look for EXISTING entries that need a disability / accessibility perspective
    • Lainey will help Sharron (Start with the screen reader entry that does not mention Jim Thatcher, does not include the history)
    • Mike to learn more about Wikipedia (John will help) and see if he can get some help/guidance from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales
    • We will use WAI-Engage to keep the conversation going
    • All will think about other platforms for things that don’t fit into Wikipedia (YouTube Channel?)

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