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Dear colleague,

Welcome to the Linked Data Models for Emotion and Sentiment Analysis Community Group. If you are new to Sentiment Analysis or Linked Data, please visit our wiki [wiki] to get started, in particular the Terms and Definitions section.

We encourage you to read the quick start guide to learn more about the group and how we work in the Getting Started guide.

Thank you for helping us make Sentiment Analysis even better.


Dear colleague,

We are building a W3C community group dedicated to Linked Data Models for Emotion and Sentiment Analysis, and we think you might be interested. It gathers professionals and researchers that aim to foster sentiment analysis by using a linked data approach.

The community group address these topics:

  • Definition of a Linked Data based vocabulary for emotion and sentiment analysis.
  • Requirements beyond text-based analysis, i.e. emotion/sentiment analysis from images, video, audio, social network analysis, etc.
  • Clarifying requirements and the need for consensus as e.g. systems currently use widely varying features for describing polarity values (1-5, -2/-1/0/1/2, positive/neutral/negative, good/very good etc.).
  • Marl and Onyx are vocabularies for emotion and sentiment analysis that can be taken as a starting point for discussion in the CG.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.w3.org/community/sentiment.