Getting Started

From Linked Data Models for Emotion and Sentiment Analysis Community Group

If you are reading this, probably you are new to the community group. Welcome! This is a community formed by researchers and professionals with interest in Sentiment Analysis and Linked Data.

First of all, you are invited to our next monthly online meeting, you can check the exact time and agenda of this and previous meetings on the Meetings section of the wiki [meetings]. These meetings help us coordinate our work and get in contact with new members like you. Until then, please take a minute to get familiar with the main tools we are using in the community group: the mailing list and the wiki.

The mailing list is the main means of communication within the group. It is the place where open discussions take place, and where meeting announcements are done. Every member of the community group is automatically subscribed to this mailing list. Note that the list is public, you can check the archives here.

The wiki contains relevant information related to Linked Data Sentiment & Emotion analysis or the community group itself. Its content is provided by the members of the group. It contains links to Datasets, Tools and Models and Vocabularies that might help any researcher or developer.

Once you are done checking the content and structure, make your first contribution by letting us know about yourself (Members), related projects (Projects), or any other relevant information in the other sections.

Above all, we hope you find this group welcoming and useful. If you have any questions, please contact us.