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Meeting Call 11th December 2013 - 11:00am EST


  • Comments on previous meeting
  • Topics
    • The Article discussion
  • AOB


  • Article - Richard
    • Update Proposal for Article to reflect discussions/decisions in call
    • Circulate result on list for comment, enhanced class/property descriptions etc.

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:06:30 PM)
I'd like to try to take minutes here, as its automatically transcribed for later
From Ross Singer to Everyone(04:08:02 PM)
Gah, need to let the dog out: brb
From Ross Singer to Everyone(04:08:44 PM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:12:28 PM)
With what property would we link to a Pagination?
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:20:24 PM)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:20:42 PM) offers a nice HTML rendering, fwiw
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:23:23 PM)
[ a :Book; :volume 1; :isPartOf [ a :Book; :comment "multi-volume] ]
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:27:05 PM)
Not doing a good job of taking minutes, sorry.
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:27:35 PM)
Some discussion about Issue vs. PeriodicalIssue vs. PublicationIssue
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:28:30 PM)
Arguably, we need a separate Citation class to handle the cited pages separately from the work's pages.
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:32:18 PM)
Minutes: If the same article is published in two different issues (or chapters, or whatever), then you need two separate Article instances; thus we can add the pagination properties to Article directly? Or via a "pages" property with a range of Pagination
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:35:09 PM)
[] a :Article; :pages "110-112" . Versus [] a :Article; :pages [ a :Pagination; :pages "110-112" ] .
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:38:00 PM)
.. example of property with multiple domains and ranges:
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:44:12 PM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:44:37 PM)
.. currently in domain CollectionPage. It is too specialized as it is.
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:46:53 PM)
Right, but that proposal has already been brought forward to public-vocabs as part of the Collection proposal right?
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:51:39 PM)
Actions: DocumentVolume -> PublicationVolume
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:51:47 PM)
DocumentIssue -> PublicationIssue
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:52:05 PM)
pagination properties go directly on PublicationVolume and PublicationIssue
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:53:00 PM)
Push for Collection hasPart / isPartOf at CreativeWork to avoid multiple hasPublicationIssue, etc properties, but fallback to multiple properties
From Ross Singer to Everyone(04:53:04 PM)
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:53:07 PM)
From Ross Singer to Everyone(04:57:59 PM)
From Jeremy Nelson to Everyone(04:58:15 PM)
Sorry everyone, I have to leave for another meeting. Bye.