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Meeting Call 18th September 2013 - 11:00am EST



  • Decommercialisation of Offer - Produce RDFa description and post to public vocabs. - Dan Scott.
  • Holdings - Update description to reflect discussion (inventory number) post to list allowing discussion for 2 weeks. - Richard Wallis
  • Audiobook - Tweak description (take out extent & bookEdition) and propose to Public Vocabs list. - Richard Wallis.

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:24:56 PM)
Perhaps "inventoryNumber" or "inventoryId" could work as a common (super) property for both SKU and call/shelf number?
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:37:20 PM)
Hm: gr:hasStockKeepingUnit rdfs:subPropertyOf <> in the GR ontology.
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:38:07 PM)
Hmmm. good catch, Niklas
From Niklas Lindström to Everyone(04:47:49 PM)