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Meeting Call 21st March 2013 - 11:00am EST



  • Citation Proposal to be submitted to the public-vocabs list - Richard Wallis
  • Collection & Parts as a merged proposal (Parts is covered just by descriptive text) - prepared for checking and submission to the public-vocabs list - Richard Wallis
  • Work-Instance Replace the use of 'instance' in property names with 'derivative' then prepare for checking and submission to the public-vocabs list - Richard Wallis
  • Submissions to public-vocabs list should be a week apart
  • OCLC Draft work on Holdings to be posted to wiki for discussion in the next couple of weeks - Jeff Young, Richard Wallis

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Karen Coyle to Everyone(03:15:31 PM)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(03:26:58 PM)
From Antoine to Everyone(03:34:52 PM)
From our definition of isDerivativeOf:
From Antoine to Everyone(03:35:06 PM)
"This property captures a narrower notion of derivation than edm:isSimilarTo, in the sense that it relates a resource to another one, obtained by reworking, reducing, expanding, parts or the whole contents of the former, and possibly adding some minor parts. Versions have an even narrower meaning, in that it requires common identity between the related resources. Translations, summaries, abstractions etc. do not qualify as versions, but do qualify as derivatives."
From Antoine to Everyone(03:35:41 PM)
(you can ignore the edm:isSimilarTo which is specific to our Europeana Data Model)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(03:42:41 PM)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(03:46:41 PM)
From Antoine to Everyone(03:48:19 PM)
Sorry, I have to leave now. It was a really productive meeting, thanks!