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What additional CreativeWork types are needed, beyond http://schema.org/CreativeWork?

Missing objects and properties:

  • Issn, issue, volume, eissn, etc. (the examples have issn but issn does not appear in the schema.org full hierarchy pages)

List of identifier types from LC (via Kevin) (some notes and additions by Graham. Maybe we need to turn this into a table that includes a column to indicate what each identifier identifies)

  • American National Standards Institute and National Information Standards Organisation number for an ANSI or ANSI/NISO standard
  • Digital Object Identifier (actually a type of Handle, I suppose. Usually needs to be qualified by the service that supports the DOI -- eg CrossRef DOI used in academic publishing)
  • EIDR (actually a DOI for AV assets, see http://eidr.org)
  • Gemeinsame Normdatei (GND, see http://www.dnb.de/EN/Standardisierung/Normdaten/GND/gnd_node.html, replaces German PND, SWD, GKD)
  • GeoNameID (see http://www.geonames.org)
  • GLN (physical location ID, actually a type of GTIN-13, used to identify publishers etc by proxy)
  • GRID (recorded music release identifier, see http://www.ifpi.org/)
  • Global Trade Identification Number 14 (GTIN-14)
  • GTIN-13 (which is a subset of GTIN-14)
  • GTIN-12 (which is a subset of GTIN-13)
  • Handle
  • International Article Number (formerly EAN, now called a GTIN-13)
  • International Organization for Standardization number for an ISO standard
  • (urn:isan) International Standard Audiovisual Number
  • (urn:isbn) International Standard Book Number (the 10-character version is obsolete, superseded by 13-digit version, which is a subset of GTIN-13)
  • ISBN-A, actionable ISBN (is actually a DOI that incorporates the ISBN, not widely used outside Italy, Germany, but potentially useful)
  • International Standard Music Number (the 10-character version is obsolete, superseded by the 13-digit version, which is a subset of GTIN-13)
  • International Standard Musical Work Code
  • International Standard Name Indentifier
  • International Standard Recording Code
  • (urn:issn) International Standard Serial Number
  • International Standard Text Code
  • ITAR (Importtjeneste og autoritetsregistre)
  • (http://lccn.loc.gov/) Library of Congress Control Number
  • Linking International Standard Serial Number
  • Locally defined identifier
  • (urn:nbn) National Bibliography Number
  • Número de Identificación de las Publicaciones Oficiales
  • OCLC Number
  • OLCC Number (used by Chinese Online Library Cataloging Center)
  • Open Researcher and Contributor IDentifer
  • PLUS ID (photography industry, see https://www.plusregistry.org)
  • Publisher-assigned music number
  • Publisher-assigned videorecording number
  • Publisher, distributor, or vendor stock number
  • Publisher's music plate number
  • ResearcherID (see http://www.researcherid.com)
  • SAN (Standard Address Number, like GLN)
  • Serial Item and Contribution Identifier
  • Sound recording issue number
  • Sound recording matrix number
  • Standard Technical Report Number
  • U.S. National Gazetteer Feature Name Identifier
  • Uniform Resource Identifier
  • Uniform Resource Name
  • Universal Product Code (which is now called a GTIN-12)
  • Virtual International Authority File number

==> Add an identifier Type with properties of ‘identifierValue’ and ‘identifierType’ 
  • Eisbn, Doi (same as above), pmid, oclc number, Ex Libris too has IDs, etc, (NB there is no such thing as an e-ISBN)
  • (Digital) Access Rights, Embargo,
  • Thumbnail
  • Abstract, ToC
  • Additional Title?
  • Collections and Packages
  • Author Initial
  • Citations


NEW type

Examples of Audiobooks in HTML

Proposal 1

Thing > CreativeWork > Audiobook

Thing > CreativeWork > MediaObject > Audiobook

New properties for audiobook type

  • readBy -- expected type: Person
  • abridged -- expected type: Text (usually "abridged/unabridged")
  • isbn -- expected type: Text

Properties likely to be used from MediaObject

  • duration
  • encodingFormat
  • playerType

Proposal 2

Thing > CreativeWork > Audiobook

Thing > CreativeWork > MediaObject > Audiobook

Thing > CreativeWork > Book > Audiobook

New properties for audiobook type

  • readBy -- expected type: Person

Properties likely to be used from MediaObject

  • duration
  • encodingFormat
  • playerType

Properties likely to be used from Book

  • bookEdition (for abridgement note)
  • isbn

[Example of Berkeley PL page marked up (see source)] [Rich snippet display]

Appropriate properties not found in schema.org

  • place of publication
  • format "downloadable audio file"
  • format "OverDrive MP3 Audiobook, Overdrive WMA Audiobook"
  • notes
    • "Read by Simon Prebble" (MARC: 511)
    • "Mode of access: World Wide Web" (MARC 538)
    • "Requires OneClick Digital Media Manager" (MARC 538)
    • "System requirements: 200 MB of free disk space, 512 MB of RAM, Windows Installer 3.1, Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (x86 and x64), Windows Media Player 10 QA" (MARC 538)
  • call number

Note: schema.org has "player" but the 538 mixes player and encoding.

===Proposal 3===

Stricken because doesn't meet schema.org model.

Note: MediaType is defined as: "An image, video, or audio object embedded in a web page." Our use case is about free-standing media. This proposal assumes that MediaType is not available for our use case.

Thing > CreativeWork > Audiobook

New properties for audiobook type

  • readBy -- expected type: Person
  • abridged -- expected type: Text (usually "abridged/unabridged")
  • isbn -- expected type: Text
  • duration
  • encodingFormat
  • playerType
  • isbn

Proposal 4

CreativeWork has an 'encoding' property which can be used to specify an MediaObject which encodes the CreativeWork. This proposal suggests this is used to specify a linked MediaObject which can be used to handle the technical aspects. This is essentially Proposal 2 but with the MediaObject properties handed off to a separate MediaObject.

Thing > CreativeWork > Audiobook

Thing > CreativeWork > Book > Audiobook

New properties for audiobook type

  • readBy -- expected type: Person

Properties likely to be used from Book

  • bookEdition (for abridgement note)
  • isbn

Proposal 5

Two new types to offer some flexibility in specifying other non-music recordings such as radio plays or podcasts. Draws on terminology used in existing TVEpisode type

Thing > CreativeWork > NonMusicRecording

Thing > CreativeWork > NonMusicRecording > Audiobook

New properties for NonMusicRecording type

  • performer -- expected type: Person
  • producer -- expected type: Person
  • musicBy -- expected type: MusicGroup or Person
  • productionCompany -- expected type: Organization

New properties for Audiobook type

  • narrator -- expected type: Person
  • isbn

Proposal 5 sample mark up


  Dune /  by <a href="http://viaf.org/viaf/59083797">Frank Herbert</a>
  ISBN-10: 1427201439<br/>
  Type:    Audio Book <br/>  
  Format:  Compact Disk <br/>
  Performers: Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, Simon Vance, and cast.<br/>
  Duration: 22 hours<br/>
  <p>Other descriptions:</p>
    (WorldCat.org)<a href="http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/153312079">Dune</a>


<div itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Audiobook">
  <link itemprop="additionalType" href="http://www.productontology.org/id/Compact_Disk">

  <span itemprop="name">Dune</span> /
  by <a itemprop="author" href="http://viaf.org/viaf/59083797">Frank Herbert</a>
  ISBN-10: <span itemprop="isbn">1427201439</span> <br/>
  Type:    Audio Book<br/>
  Format:  Compact Disk <br/>
  Performers: <span itemprop="performer">Scott Brick</span>, <span itemprop="performer">Orlagh Cassidy</span>, <span itemprop="performer">Euan Morton</span>, <span itemprop="performer">Simon Vance</span>, and cast.<br/>
  <span itemprop="encoding">
	<div itemscope itemtype="AudioObject">
	<meta itemprop="encodingFormat" content="CDDA" />
	  Duration: <span itemprop="P22H">22 hours</span><br/>

  <p>Other descriptions:</p>
    (WorldCat.org)<a itemprop="sameThingAs" href="http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/153312079">Dune</a>



Subordinate to Thing -> Organization -> Local business

kc: looking at this, it seems to me that library fits better directly under Organization. Is there any way to find out who created this schema, and whether it has been used?

Possible additions:

  • Library-specific identifiers
    • ISIL
    • MARC organization codes
    • OCLC member codes
  • Library types (note: /additionalTypes is included from Thing)
    • public
    • school
    • corporate
    • university
    • etc.

Note that IMLS has a 22-page PDF defining their datapoints about public libraries, and there are similar data sets for Academic libraries. There are also different data sets by state. There are standards for library size (small, medium, etc.), library type, population served, and types of services. Before taking this on it would probably be best to define the use case (or more than one) in order to scope this problem.

Note: Library type could be a property with open-ended text values, or it could also include an identifier.

Library Holdings

Some examples are at http://kcoyle.net/holdings.html

Existing schema.org properties

  • schema.org/library has "makesOffer" and "owns".
    • Discontinued
    • InStock
    • InStoreOnly
    • OnlineOnly
    • OutOfStock
    • PreOrder

A single, identifiable product instance (e.g. a laptop with a particular serial number). This appears to be semantically the same as the item-level barcode that is used by libraries for circulation.

Possible properties for library holdings

no assumption is being made as to whether these are new to schema or not Also, the examples are "for instance" not by any means a complete list

  • Location
    • "Main library"
    • "Reference desk"
    • "Serials room"
  • Call number

Note that LCC and Dewey are published as Linked Data. [kc: LCC has published only a few schedules experimentally, and Dewey online only includes the 3-digit numbers. LCC will probably eventually be online, but DDC and UDC are proprietary. In any case, the schedules \= call numbers, and we should probably look at classification separately.]

    • "676.3"
    • "676.3 c.1"
    • "Fiction"
    • "Mystery"
    • "Oversize 676.3"
    • "Micro123"
  • Status (itemAvailability?)
    • "Check shelf"
    • "Due 10-17-2012"
    • "Missing"
    • "Library use only"
    • "Check availability"
    • "Link to online copy"
  • Serial holdings (owns?)
    • BACK ISSUES IN STORAGE: Dec 29 2008-Jun 28 2010 (v.172:25-175:25); Jan 9 2012- ; BOUND VOLUMES IN STORAGE: 1925-Dec 2006 (v.5-168); Ask at Reference Desk for specific volume/issue availability
    • 1960-2008 (v.95-172)
  • User options (Offer?)
    • "Place hold"
    • "Request"
    • "Add to list"
    • "Check out"