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Meeting Call 15th January 2013 - 11:00am EST



  • Move contains & partOf out of the Work-Instance proposal into a separate proposal - Richard Wallis
  • Works - Produce some examples of of full & partial WEMI marked up using current (plus instance and instanceOf CreativeWork properties) - Karen Coyle, Richard Wallis, Adrian Pohl, others...
  • SKOS - Produce some examples including one based upon Sean's Literary Works proposal - Jeff Young
  • Identifier Try a SKOS based alternative - Richard Wallis
  • Holdings
    • Discussion to be near top of agenda for next meeting
    • Any non-US examples of holdings displays - forward links to Karen
    • Attempting to mark up holdings examples using Schema 'as is' - volunteers welcome
  • Meet up at ALA Seattle - if you are in town, add your availability: Doodle

Call Recording

To view a recording of approx 1 hour call: Click Here
Note: will play using a WebEx browser plugin

Chat transcript from Call

From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:28:12 PM)
+1 that was my question/thought as well - is this a value list?
From Antoine to Everyone(04:28:20 PM)
Yes it is
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:28:46 PM)
so should it be external to schema? or isn't there a way to do lists?
From Antoine to Everyone(04:29:04 PM)
Yes, external enumerations, as already suggested.
From Antoine to Everyone(04:29:28 PM)
(or some SKOS-like extension)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:29:46 PM)
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:30:10 PM)
maybe we need a creativeWork type enumeration?
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:30:14 PM)
Yeah, this ties into that SKOS discussion later on the agenda.
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:31:51 PM)
Richard's Q makes me wonder whether will consider "InternalEnumerations" as well...
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:32:01 PM)
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:32:24 PM)
Ah! Thanks Karen -- that's what I was looking for.
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:34:29 PM)
agreed. we run into this in marc, where lists are part of the standard and are VERY hard to update
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:43:52 PM)
+1 - and that would involve the BISAC subjects,no?
From Antoine to Everyone(04:44:40 PM)
+1. But we shouldn't recommend one list in particular, that's too dangerous. Just use one as example ;-)
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:50:45 PM)
I'd like to see an example of using SKOS to associate an item with an identifier as well
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:51:18 PM)
+1 keep it simple
From Dan Scott to Everyone(04:51:35 PM)
Otherwise, I'd rather just see Thing define an "identifier" property that can be used multiple times (e.g point to both an IMDB and a Freebase ID for a given Movie)
From Antoine to Everyone(04:52:00 PM)
+1000 Dan
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:52:05 PM)
i think a simple id property would go over better than skos
From Robin Cornette to Everyone(04:53:10 PM)
What type of id would it be then?
From Antoine to Everyone(04:53:20 PM)
From Graham (EDItEUR) to Everyone(04:54:01 PM)
Dan's suggestion, but not all identifiers have URIs (so cannot be self-describing). You need some namespace property as well as the identifier property
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(04:55:47 PM)
i see long philosophical discussions about reality ahead
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:59:31 PM)
I like Richard's idea of Fictional Representation of, but what about in the other direction:
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:59:33 PM)
From Corey Harper to Everyone(04:59:45 PM)
Here's a fictional book from a tv show that ended up publisihed in reality!
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(05:02:20 PM)
We still have Holdings to discuss?
From Corey Harper to Everyone(05:02:45 PM)
We're at the top of the hour, though, & I have to run to another meeting. Sorry!
From Corey Harper to Everyone(05:04:46 PM)
Thank you, Richard, everyone...
From Robin Cornette to Everyone(05:04:53 PM)
Richard: Sorry for those folks who have to leave now thanks for input
From Karen Coyle to Everyone(05:05:48 PM)