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Lists are needed to enable the following requirements:

  • Ordering of multiple bodies. Bodies may need to be presented in a particular order to make sense to the user, when there is a logical flow between them. This might happen if a single logical whole is broken up into a sequence of parts. USE CASE?
  • Ordering of multiple targets. Similarly, the order of the targets may be important. USE CASE
  • Ordering of multiple selectors. Selectors must be applied in the correct order for the desired region to be selected. For example, selecting the right resource from a zip file/epub and then applying a text range selector.


Serialization of oa:List is difficult as it is both the head node of the list and has other predicates associated with it. In all serializations, including Turtle and JSON-LD, the serialization is messy and could be avoided with a slightly different model.


Current Proposal

Introduce a oa:hasList predicate from oa:List to the head node of the rdf:List.

 "@type": "oa:List",
 "hasList": [ "target1", "target2" ]

Where the list is a real rdf:List, not a set of repeated values for the same predicate.