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oa:Choice is needed for the following requirements:

  • Alternative bodies, where the user agent selects the most appropriate for the user based on preferences. For example translations of the body, and the user has set a language preference.
  • Alternative targets, where the same target has multiple URIs or identities. Only one target needs to be displayed, rather than all of them.
  • Alternative selectors to enable fallback scenarios where a very exact selector will work in some cases, but a more broad selector will be less precise but work in other cases, given a dynamic representation.


The current model support one default and n other alternatives, but no order of preference within the alternatives. This may be desirable for gracefully degrading across selectors, or representations with decreasing fidelity for body/target.



Instead of one default and n items, use a single ordered list of choices.

  "@type": "oa:Choice",
  "hasList": ["default", "secondChoice", "thirdChoice"]

In the same style as the proposed oa:List