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A W3C Games Community Group feature is a browser feature identified by Games Community Group as being needed by the Open Web game development community.

The following is a list of Games Community Group features: (More detail on current status coming soon pending the publishing of the Games CG's 3rd report)

  • Mouselock / input locking
  • Improvements to Web Workers (transferable objects)
  • Orientation lock
  • Keyboard lock
  • Hardware feature detection
  • Access to screen pixel density
  • Surround sound audio support
  • General improvements to audio tag
  • High performance timers
  • Real-time peer-to-peer communications
  • Screenshot API
  • Advanced canvas rendering capabilities
  • Vector/Matrix in Javascript
  • ParrallelArray in JavaScript
  • WebGL in webworker
  • New WebGL APIs (make webgl competitive with direct x)
  • Device Orientation
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Input polling
  • Game Mode
  • Device Discovery
  • UDP for Client/Server
  • Lightweight threads
  • Motion detection/analysis
  • Page visibility
  • Full screen
  • Online/offline
  • Code hiding
  • Games packaging
  • Battery Information
  • Bandwidth Information