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Community & Business Groups

Draft Charter


The goal of the Fixing AppCache Community Group (CG) is to identify the shortcomings of AppCache and help fix it or define a more adequate and developer-friendly solution (or group of solutions) by collecting case studies, use cases and implementation guidance. The CG will not produce any normative content.


The CG plans to document a variety of case studies, (non-normative) use cases, scenarios, implementation guidance and other inputs. These may serve as input to other W3C (or non-W3C) groups.

Decision policy

The decision policy is as follows:

  1. Chair puts a question.
  2. Chair endeavors to make decisions by consensus but is empowered to make decisions even where there are objections.
  3. Chair has responsibility to ensure that all questions put to the group, all decisions, and all objections are publicly documented.
  4. People who have material new information may request the Chair reopen a question.

It is the Chair’s responsibility to ensure that the decision process is fair, respects the consensus of the CG, and does not unreasonably favor or discriminate against any group participant or their employer.