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The following use cases and issues were not fully addressed during the initial discussions around proposals to meet the various use cases. Either they were identified as low priority or there was insufficient consensus as to how to enable them.

Unaddressed use cases

Use case 1.9 Assessment

(see issue 5, no way to represent assessments in

Use case 1.12 Transfer value: recognizing current credentials

(a complex issue, relating to "stackable" credentials, recognition, and learning pathways)

Use case 2.3 Onward transfer value

(as previous)

Use case 2.4 Eligibility requirements

(discussed, but no consensus)

Use case 3.5 Find a service to verify a credential

(not discussed, low priority)

Use case 4.1 Awarding a Credential to a Person

(not discussed, solution may be related to personal self-promotion)

Use case 4.4 Personal Self-promotion

(pending discussion)

Use case 4.5 Replace and retire credentials

(not discussed, low priority)

Issues arising from proposals to address use cases

Issue 1: whether EducationalOccupationalCredential is a subtype of CreativeWork or Intangible.

The only properties inherited from CreativeWork that are required to meet explicit use cases are offers and inLanguage. Other properties that may be useful include award, contributor, copyrightHolder, creator, comments, educationalAlignment, expires, keywords, review (and possibly others).

Issue 2: competenceRequired only addresses the simplest case of individual required competencies.

Issue 3: whether accreditation is a form of recognition.

Issue 4: the actual renewal / maintenance requirements aren't specified.

The use case is that "Having found a credential it should be possible to identify what is required to renew or maintain the validity of that credential."

We have partially addressed this by allowing someone to provide the length of time for which a credential is valid, but there remains no way to say what needs to be done in order to renew the credential or to continue its validity.

Issue 5: there is no way represent Assessments in

Issue 6: there is no explicit guidance on how to show required learning materials for a Course in