Purposes for handling Personal Data

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Purposes defined in collected Vocabularies

Name Source(s) Super Class Definitions Usage Legal Basis Comments Top-Level?
Account SPECIAL Usage Policy
Admin SPECIAL Usage Policy
Aggregated Analysis CDMM Consent Ontology
AnyContact SPECIAL Usage Policy
Arts SPECIAL Usage Policy
AuxPurpose SPECIAL Usage Policy
Browsing SPECIAL Usage Policy
Charity SPECIAL Usage Policy
Communicate SPECIAL Usage Policy
Current SPECIAL Usage Policy
Custom SPECIAL Usage Policy
Data Minimisation Data Protection Ontology by Bartolini et. al
Delivery SPECIAL Usage Policy
Develop SPECIAL Usage Policy
Direct Marketing GDPRov Marketing
Downloads SPECIAL Usage Policy
Education SPECIAL Usage Policy
Email Marketing CDMM Consent Ontology Marketing
Feedback SPECIAL Usage Policy
Finmgt SPECIAL Usage Policy
Gambling SPECIAL Usage Policy
Gaming SPECIAL Usage Policy
Government SPECIAL Usage Policy
Health PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
SPECIAL Usage Policy
Historical SPECIAL Usage Policy
Humanitarian PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Journalistic PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Judicial PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Login SPECIAL Usage Policy
Marketing CDMM Consent Ontology
PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
SPECIAL Usage Policy
Marketing via Phone CDMM Consent Ontology Marketing
Marketing via Post CDMM Consent Ontology Marketing
Marketing via Text CDMM Consent Ontology Marketing
News SPECIAL Usage Policy
OtherContact SPECIAL Usage Policy
Payment SPECIAL Usage Policy
Profiling PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Public Interest PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Research PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Sales SPECIAL Usage Policy
Scientific Purpose CDMM Consent Ontology Marketing
Search SPECIAL Usage Policy
Security PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Solo Analysis CDMM Consent Ontology
State SPECIAL Usage Policy
Statistic PrOnto: Privacy Ontology for Legal Reasoning
Tailoring SPECIAL Usage Policy
Telemarketing SPECIAL Usage Policy

High-level categories (to-be-discussed)

source meeting https://www.w3.org/2018/12/10-dpvcg-minutes.html

  • Commercial Interests - the purpose has some monetary benefit for the Controller
    • sell data subject’s data to third-parties
    • sell products to data subject - controller provides some service/product in exchange of money
    • sell insights generated from data subject’s data to third-parties - controller monetises aggregated data or statistical insights
    • sell targetted advertisements to third-parties - controller provides targetted advertisements in exchange of money
  • Service Optimization
    • Optimization for Controller (Provider) - for benefit of the provider
      • internal resource optimisation - optimise the use of internal resources, not necessarily in the provision of service e.g. logistics
      • increase service robustness/resilience - optimise service against failure or weakenes e.g. coverage optimization for telecom
      • improving existing products and services - improve the service from the controller's p.o.v. e.g. improving Website UI based on user interactions
      • improving internal CRM processes - improve how the provider does Consumer Relationship Management e.g. recording calls
    • Optimization for Data Subject (Consumer) - for benefit of the consumer/user
      • optimise user experience - optimise how the user experience's the service e.g. auto-detect code from SMS
        • optimise user interface - optimise specific part of the experience i.e. the user interface (note this is not personalisation)
  • Service Personalisation - personal the service for the specific user or category of user e.g. language based on region
    • user interface personalisation - personalise the user interface provided to the user
    • product recommendations - personalise product recommendations provided to the user
    • personalised benefits - personalise service in terms of providing value e.g. discounts on birthday
  • Service Provision - the provision of the good/service to the consumer by the provider
    • Customer Care / Tech Support
    • Delivery of goods - physical/digital delivery of goods to the consumer
  • Marketing
    • Direct Marketing - Marketing provided directly to the data subject
  • Security - maintain security across the offering for both controller and data subject
    • identify verification - verify the identity of the data subject
    • fraud detection and prevention - for controller to detect and prevent fraud
    • access control/login - for controller to enact access control mechanisms
  • Research & Development
    • Non-commercial Research - reserach is not commercialised or cannot be commercialised e.g. generated under CC-by-NC liccense
    • Academic Research - research undertaken in the context of an academic institution
    • Commercial Research - research undertaken for commercial value e.g. to gain patents and derive intellectual property