Data Protection Ontology by Bartolini et. al

From Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls Community Group
   An OWL2 ontology describing obligations based on draft version of GDPR

Data Protection Ontology

OWL ontology defining data protection concepts and obligations based on draft of GDPR. Aligned to BPMN as implementation of obligations and representation (see publications)


  • Origin: N/A
  • Developed since: 2015
  • Latest version: N/A

Covered Requirements

  • Taxonomy of regulatory privacy terms (including all GDPR terms) : applicable as ontology uses GDPR relevant terms
  • Taxonomy for personal data : applicable as ontology uses GDPR relevant terms
  • Taxonomy of purposes. : applicable as ontology uses GDPR relevant terms
  • Taxonomy of disclosure. : N/A
  • Metadata related to the details of anonymisation. : N/A
  • Log vocabularies for immutably and securely recording: : N/A
    • disclosure of consent
    • revocation of consent
    • policy changes
    • transparency
  • Taxonomy of linkage operations. : N/A
  • Taxonomies of human behavior. : N/A

Uptake and Covered Use-cases

The ontology is based on the draft version of the GDPR, and therefore some of the links (definitions) are incorrect w.r.t text of the legislation. The terms however reflect concepts useful for obligations and compliance.

  • SPECIAL/Proximus use case - personalized touristic recommendations : pending documentation of use-case
  • SPECIAL/DT use case - mobile network quality measurements : pending documentation of use-case
  • SPECIAL/TR use case - ‘Know Your Customer’ (finance, anti-money-laundering) : pending documentation of use-case

Terms and Concepts