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Action Items (open)

  • Nicolas: Improve "Related Technologies" section
  • Sandy Ressler: Why use Declarative 3D? - A discussion!
  • Timm & Johannes: Add text to Comparison Table in "Related Technologies" section, add SVG section
  • All: Develop/Provide relevant/business Use cases
  • Johannes/Kristian/Timm/all: Continue Requirements Building Blocks
  • Kristian: Get us on the agenda at the TPAC meeting (Oct 31 - Nov 4, 2011) / Propose Breakout Session
  • All: How/who will engage with the W3C AR CG - Possibly present to this group at the next TPAC meeting. How to build scenegraphs and interactive web pages that support AR
  • Kristian/Johannes: Prepare presentation material for the TPAC meeting - Who/what will be presented?
  • All: Outreach Activities: Possible leads - New Members?

Action Items (accomplished)

  • Jacek: Develop a schema to describe use cases, explore how other CGs handle this topic
  • Anita: Set up doodle for working meeting, set up a draft BoF agenda
  • Kristian: Move action list to CG Wiki (hereby accomplished)