Guidelines for LD generation of Language resources - previous notes

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Resource Types

Topic Resource type Editor(s) Link to report Comments
Lexicographic resources Wordnets John McCrae Converting_WordNets_to_Linked_Data Pre-final. They Will likely need revisiting once the GWA has better defined some of its guidelines for creating interchangeable language resources (not before GWC in January 2016). We will keep them as "draft" community group report until then.
Bilingual/Multilingual dictionaries BabelNet Tiziano Flati Guidelines for Linguistic Linked Data Generation: Multilingual Dictionaries (BabelNet) FINAL
Bilingual dictionaries (e.g., Apertium) Jorge Gracia Guidelines for Linguistic Linked Data Generation: Bilingual Dictionaries FINAL
Terminologies TBX (Term Base eXchange) John McCrae, Philipp Cimiano, Víctor Rodriguez-Doncel Converting_TBX_to_RDF FINAL
Corpora - textual NIF corpus Martin Brümmer Linked Data corpus creation using NIF Pre-final
Translation memory/parallel text Bitext Dave Lewis Draft Guidelines on Bitext as Linked Data Early draft. Probably these guidelines will not be modified in the short term, but we will keep them here, as an early draft, for future improvements.
NLP services NIF-based NLP web services Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Walter, Mattias Hartung NIF-based NLP Web Services Pre-final
LLOD aware services Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Walter, Mattias Hartung LLOD aware Web services Draft
LLD exploitation Philipp Cimiano, Sebastian Walter, Mattias Hartung LLD exploitation Draft

Report template

  1. Description of the type of resource
  2. Selection of vocabularies
  3. RDF Generation process: structure/examples/rationale (modelling choices, rules for naming, linking, ...etc.)
  4. Publication (including metadata representation, licensing issues, etc.)
  5. Data maintenance (versioning, etc)
  6. Recommendations

Next milestones (decided in telco of 26th march 2015)

  1. Finishing and publishing our guidelines as proper community group reports:
    1. [27/04/2015] Pre-final guidelines, namely: wordnets, babelnet, bilingual dictionaries.
    2. [27/05/2015] Less mature guidelines or that still require some discussion: tbx2rdf, NIF services
    3. [27/06/2015] Currently draft guidelines: NIF corpora, bitext
  2. [27/06/2015] Finishing the discussions about patterns: linking, ontologies, and quality.
  3. [27/07/2015] Finishing the document about patterns and the list of recommended best practises.