Consent Cases

From Automotive and Web Platform Business Group
Party Variants Role Interests Concerns
Owner personal or fleet. also leasee property owner and data producer (personal vehicle) Data privacy and control, enable opportunities to increase efficiency of maintenance, operating costs, insurance discounts, asset usage and tracking, may be open to other usages by third parties not always the operator of the vehicle
Driver personal, fleet employer or contractor, rental or other non-ownership usage data producer Data privacy and control, usage based insurance, operating costs for trip, may be open to other usages by third parties Owner may want to assert their own data rights and/or restrict those of driver
OEM data consumer and broker
Regulator federal, state/provincial, municipal data consumer
Urban/traffic planner state/provincial, municipal data consumer
Researcher data consumer access to data for software development, using data to assert inferences, data mining, etc too few available, inconsistent data models, legalities around privacy, anonymizing effectively while retaining usefulness of information
Insurance potentially multiple insurers, covering vehicle, owner, usage data consumer driver behavior, usage data, accident assessment, influences for AI decision for autonomous vehicles inconsistent data models, currently primarily by services providers adding aftermarket capabilities
Service provider data consumer
Leasing company

See also GAVDA draft use cases non-public.